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Shade Spotlight: Pink

From the Barbiecore bubblegum pink to pearly pink hues, the trend is here to stay. At GDY we’ve got a ton of pink shades for you to choose from!

2023 Hair Trends

It’s a new year which means new trends! 2023 brings back some old classics, as well as some new favorites. Check out our favorite hair trends for 2023 and let us know which one you love!

Shades that Glow under Black Light

Ever wished you could make your hair glow in the dark? Same here. While technology hasn’t advanced that far yet, we do have shades that glow under black light! 

Shade Spotlight: Purple

The hottest hair color of 2023 is…Purple. Purple is the new black, but like…the cooler, older cousin.

Now Trending: Gemini Hair

You might be asking yourself, “what is gemini hair?” and “how is it different from a split dye?” Spoiler alert: it’s not!