5 Trending Hair Colors That Are Coming Into Bloom This Spring

Spring is the season of renewal — so as the flowers around you start to bloom, so should you! Now that daylight savings has sprung our clocks forward, we are ready to try something new and spring into a fresh season with warm, soft, and sweet pastels. 

Think: delicate but vibrant, saturated but subdued, inspired by nature but also natural-looking. Here are 5 soft-hued shades that you should plant in your roots this spring.


Coral is a fresh and invigorating mix of orange and pink inspired by the beauty of our friends under the sea. Charged with golden undertones, coral hair never fails to make you feel energized and happy every single time you look in the mirror. Use a mixture of All Access + Toxicity to achieve the perfect blend, and adjust accordingly to your outcome. If you want it to be more pink, add more All Access. If you’d like it to be more peachy, add more Toxicity. Mix it all up, and have fun!


If you’d like to welcome some peace and tranquility into your life as you turn a new leaf into springtime, a delicate lavender might be the perfect match for you. Transform wisps of your hair into soft petals of lavender fields in full bloom, infusing your look with whimsy.  For a lighter, more pastel lavender, try Stoned Pony. For a deeper, cool-toned lavender, try Wisteria. 


It was named Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2024 for a reason! Peach Fuzz is a soft and charming orange shade that elicits feelings of kindness, care, and warmth. Peaches aren’t typically in season until summertime, but you can make an exception or your hair — and we have the perfect shade to match the vibe. 


Say goodbye to the brown and yellow leaves blown off autumn trees! Spring is a time to celebrate new growth, new life, and new beginnings. Inspired by the fresh foliage and lush landscapes that come to life during this season of renewal, a shade like Devil’s Ivy can be just what you need to feel grounded and connected to the earth and your surroundings.


Like the peonies starting to sprout from your garden, baby pink is a soft and sweet sign that spring is coming! A more subdued take on the Barbiecore hot pink of 2023, baby pink infuses your look with a subtle touch of charm and femininity. If you’re making the switch to baby pink, try Pink Puff — or if you’d like to just experiment and wash out, mix some One Night Only Pink with Rinse and comb through your hair for a playful pastel tone.