This Y2k Inspired Hair Trend Is Perfect For Festival Season

Hair stamps by Brian O'Connor

We’re no stranger to Y2K fashion comebacks — from flip phones to low-rise jeans to claw clips to baby tees. At the turn of the millennium, the Y2K aesthetic was bold, experimental, and unapologetically fun – a perfect fit for those looking to inject a dose of playful energy into their fashion choices.  Throughout the late 90s to early 2000s, people experimented with unique, vibrant, tech-inspired aesthetics that blended futuristic elements with a touch of nostalgia. 

Thanks to celebrities like Dua Lipa, Rihanna, & Megan thee Stallion, one of the newest Y2K-inspired hair trends to make it to our 2024 Trend Report is hair stamps.

What are Hair Stamps?

The perfect embodiment of the early 2000s, hair stamps are small, intricate designs that add a touch of whimsy to your hairstyle. From smiley faces to stars to funky shapes and words, hair stamps offer a versatile and temporary way to treat your hair like an accessory and switch up your style by the day. Y2K was all about self-expression, and hair stamps are a great way to experiment with patterns, symbols, and colors to create a hairstyle that's uniquely yours — at least for the night.

How to Achieve the Hair Stamp Look

Get the hair stamps trend

Step 1: Begin application on a smooth, straight section of hair for greatest visibility.

Step 2: Warm a pea sized amount of One Night Only hair makeup between thumb and forefinger or use a small, flat makeup brush. 

Step 3: Press a stencil of your choice tightly against the desired section of hair and apply in a downward direction. 

Step 4: Remove stencil. Do not comb or brush.