Pantone’s Top 6 Hair Colors of The Year, As Seen at Spring 2024 New York Fashion Week

Predictions for the top trending colors of 2024 are in! According to Pantone® Color Institute experts, the colors debuted on the runways of New York Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2024 strike an empowering balance between nostalgia and evolution. In other words, the colors exude a positive outlook for the future informed by fond memories of the past — a creative & courageous outlook that invites you to push the limits of your imagination of the future. When it comes to fashion, personal style, and hair, these colors provide a source of both comfort and liberation as you rewrite yourself every single day with fragments of who you were and hints of who you are to become.

Pantone goes on to say, “Colors for NYFW Spring 2024 inspire feelings of release. Opening the imagination and amplifying and liberating our own unique artistic spirit, they enable us to express ourselves in more inventive ways”, said Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone® Color Institute. “A harmonious mix of familiar shades infused with a contemporary edge, colors for NYFW Spring 2024 introduce a new interpretation of current times as memories of the past and a glimpse of the future bring hope for the present.”

And if you’re wondering what the future holds in store for your hair… It might be time to try one of Pantone’s 2024 colors of the year.


Rooibos Tea Pantone
PANTONE® 18-1355 TCX is a full-bodied red imbued with rich, woody notes. Start your year with a bold & deep burgundy and try All In This Together.


Pantone ChambrayPANTONE® 15-4030 TCX is a brightened denim blue infused with an easy vitality. Blue jeans will always be a classic no matter what year it is, so slip into your favorite pair and try Stage Dive.


Pantone WatercressPANTONE® 17-0220 TCX is a refreshing peppery green with a sprightly presence. If your New Year’s Resolution is to eat more greens, your hair might as well be green, too — try Devil’s Ivy.


Pantone Orangeade

PANTONE® 17-1461 TCX is a sweet and mildly tangy red-orange hue with a fruity citrus touch. If you can’t choose between past or future, red or orange, get a shade that embodies both — try Riot.


Pantone Pastel Lilac

PANTONE® 14-3812 TCX is a soft and powdery lavender hue that is suggestive of a sweet aroma. Stop, take a deep inhale, and try Stoned Pony.


Pantone Desert Flower

PANTONE® 15-1435 TCX is a warm and engaging pink whose blooms thrive under the sun. Make every day look like summer and every moment look like a sunset and try Pink Puff.