Gingerbread Hair is the Latest Coquette Holiday Hair Trend

From cherry coke to pumpkin spice latte to Beyoncé’s chantilly cake, every single shade that has trended in 2023 has come with a sweet tooth. Fresh from the oven and hot off our latest trend report, the yummiest food-inspired hair look that we’re indulging in this holiday season is Gingerbread Hair. 

All that it takes to achieve this sweet-as-gumdrops look is a neutral shade in the golden brown to ginger family, topped off with a decorative twist: white bows.

Since everyone is wrapping up everything — and we mean everything — in a bow to channel the delicate, the feminine, and all things oh-so-coquette on TikTok, all it takes is a little ribbon to elevate your gingerbread with a festive final touch.


  1. In order to get the best results, start by lightening your hair and creating your canvas with the GDY Lightening Kit.
  2. Find the sweet spot for your gingerbread with a mixture of Earthworm, Champagne DYEposit, Chocolate DYEposit, or Copper DYEposit. — trust me, you’ll need this.
  3. Style with the Winter Accessory Set. Don’t forget to protect your new shade from heat if you are styling with curls for the holidays with Prime.