5 Valentine’s Day Hairstyles For Every Hair Type

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! It’s a big day for people who love hearts, love, and the color pink. Whether you're planning a romantic dinner date with your partner, a fun Galentine’s day gathering with your friends, or a cozy night in for yourself, Valentine’s Day can be a really fun occasion to play with your style and experiment with flirty touches in your hair.

Ready to fall in love with your hair? Get inspired by five romantic hairstyles that are sure to capture your heart and turn heads on Valentine's Day.


Wear your heart on your sleeve — or on your hair! Using One Night Only Hair Makeup, you can easily try on the hair “tattoo” trend and accessorize with hair stamps shaped like hearts, kissy faces, flowers, or your very own DIY love-inspired design. All you need is a stencil and a brush to apply — and some water and shampoo to rinse it out and try again. 


Add a pop of pink to your Valentine’s Day look with a face-framing money piece. First, use a Lightening Kit to create the perfect canvas for your color and optimize the vibrancy of your final result. Then follow up with Streaks & Strands shade of your choice, such as On the List for bubble gum pink or All Access for a dusty rose.


Popularized by Balletcore to TikTok’s “coquette” trend, ​​bows and ribbons are hair accessories that celebrate girlhood, whimsical femininity, soft romance — and of course, Valentine’s Day. Perfect for clipping back bangs and styling ponytails, braids, half-up-half-down hairstyles, bows are a cute, sweet, and feminine touch perfect for Valentine’s Day.


Dip your tips into a pink hue to celebrate the season of love! If you just want to dabble, you can use One Night Only Hair Makeup to try out pink tips for the night — or, you can create a look that will last with Lightening Kit and On the List.


Want a romantic red hot look for the night? Using a hair extension and Rock Lobster Streaks & Strands, you can clip in a touch of red to channel your inner fire without committing to a more permanent hair change.