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Good Dye Young is passionate about our planet as well as high quality products. Learn more about how we continue to find new ways to be sustainable.

GDY is going climate positive

Now until June 30th, Good Dye Young is matching all EcoCart contributions.

This will turn all CARBON NEUTRAL orders from our consumers into CLIMATE POSITIVE orders.

Just turn on EcoCart at checkout, and we'll handle the rest!


We began our partnership with EcoCart in 2022 to empower the Good Dye Young community to offset the carbon footprint of your order.

That means the emissions from manufacturing and shipping your favorite GDY products can be made 100% carbon neutral!

Just turn on the EcoCart box at checkout.

thanks to you

We've donated $9,035.22 to the Global Forestry Projects, a project that:

  • Protects trees and plants that absorb carbon
  • Protects wildlife habitats
  • Protects local water supplies
  • Supports projects that provide job and education opportunities to the local communities

together we're making a difference

In the past 6 months, 57% of orders have been made carbon neutral through EcoCart. This has allowed us to...

Save over 3,923 trees

Save 1,734 SQ FT of artic Ice

Offset the carbon footprint of 130,237 miles driven

get rewarded

For the month of April, all Ride or Dye rewards members will earn 50 points for every carbon neutral order.

Sustainability is Sexy

We're proud to use paper that qualifies as sustainably harvested by the FSC, an international organisation dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests.

Follow these instructions to recycle your used GDY packaging.

Hayley williams on sustainability

“Good Dye Young is incredibly fortunate to have socially and eco-conscious customers who make up our colorful community. This is just a first step for us toward being able to provide more sustainable options for self-care and self-expression!”

Good Dye Young cultivates a safe and inclusive community that values vibrant self-expression and creativity.

We also make bad a** hair products.



Free of a lot of gross chemicals

Natural Sunflower Extract

Made with love
in the USA or Canada