The Top 3 Winter Hair Colors And Trends You Should Try In 2024

Winter is typically known as the season of rest and hibernation. It’s the time of year when you bundle up your wardrobe, bulk up your closet, and darken your hair color. Beach blonde  highlights give way to deep auburns and browns as many use this time of year to put their vibrant colors to bed and give their hair a break. 

Often left out in the cold, winter actually provides the perfect opportunity to take advantage of low heat or humidity and experiment with new colors and styles without having to fight the warm weather frizz. Not to mention, vibrant hair goes way beyond warm summer shades! Here are the top 3 winter hair color trends that we recommend trying during your next snow day.

Muted Hair Colors

From soft pastels to understated neutrals, muted hair colors take a gentle approach to vibrant color, offering a more subdued and refined look with a faded, “washed-out” appearance. Muted shades are a great way to play with vibrant color while still achieving a look that feels natural, making it a perfect option for winter when you’re looking for shades that will complement all the darker neutrals in your winter wardrobe. 

Soft ash blondes, muted rose golds, and dusty lavenders are primary examples of muted hair colors that are growing in popularity. 

Icy Blonde Hair 

From Elsa to Khaleesi to Miranda Priestly, ice queens throughout history have shown us the power that platinum blonde holds. A staple on the Fashion Week runway, icy blonde hair and bleached brows are an unmatched edgy pairing that reminds us that blonde really does belong in winter, still — and it gives us chills every single time.

Then, of course, Beyoncé debuted an icy platinum blonde at the premiere of her Renaissance tour film in November 2023 — and the rest is history. Quick, pick up a Lightening Kit before the ice melts!

Blue Money Piece
Blue will just never go out of winter fashion. Our favorite thing to do this time of year is actually add blue to our hair whenever we feel like it using One Night Only Hair Makeup. Blue frosted tips? Blue money piece? Blue snowflake hair stamps? Blue streak? There are infinite possibilities to play and experiment — no mistakes! Just wash it out, and try again the next day. 

The trendiest blue to make the switch to if you want to be on trend when winter moves into spring? According to the fashion predictions at NYFW SS24, blue jeans will always be a classic no matter what time of year it is, so slip into your favorite pair and try Stage Dive.