How To

Never used vivid hair dye before? Not sure what tools you need to bleach your hair? We have you covered!

how to bleach like a pro

Co-Founder Brian O'Connor breaks down 5 bleach techniques that you can do at home and with a friend!

HOw to perform a strand test

Join Mena from GDY as she walks you through everything you need to know about a strand test!

What Tools do I need to Bleach my Hair?

So you're ready to lighten your hair at home? Here are some tools you're going to want to have on hand.

How to Perform a Bleach Wash

Ready to try a new color? Looking to try to remove your current shade? Have you tried a bleach wash? Bleach Washes are done by diluting your bleach mixture with equal parts shampoo to give your hair a gentle lift.

How to Perform a Strand Test

Ready to take the plunge and try some vivid dye? Or ready to change up your hue? The first step to any successful hair transformation is performing a test strand.