Festival Hair Inspo: Neon Space Buns

Our in house stylist at Fruits Hair Lab, Alexa, created this sweet & sour two-tone look pairing bubblegum pink and neon yellow hair for a fun festival look you can recreate at home.


What you’ll need: 

  • Lightening Kit
  • Color Kind Wash
  • Color Kind Rinse
  • Color Kind Prime
  • Elastic Bands
  • Semi-Perm Streaks and Strands shades in Glow On, Kowabunga and On the List
  1. Lighten to a Level 9

Section the hair into 4 quadrants, starting from the middle front going to the back nape;  then, from the top of the crown to behind the ears. On hair that is natural or previously dyed, with roots under an inch, apply the bleach mid-shaft through ends. Be sure to start in the back underneath, leaving a ½-inch section at the root, as this part of the hair lightens faster.  Allow to process to a level 8, which is a medium yellow. Next, apply to the root and cover head with plastic wrap & let process until everything is even, around a level 9. This should be a pale yellow. If hair is already platinum but has roots, apply lightener to roots only, being mindful to not overlap. Process until a level 9 is achieved. 

With Alexa’s client, her ends were previously lightened. So, Alexa lightened the mid-shaft and then the roots, leaving the lightener off the ends so as to not overly process the hair., but otherwise followed the steps listed above. 

PRO TIP: If hair is previously dyed using a vivid color, a color remover or bleach wash can be used in place of completely bleaching the hair. 


  1. Shampoo and Condition

Rinse and shampoo lightener from the hair using GDY Color Kind Shampoo and Rinse


  1. Rinse and Dry

After rinsing, blow dry the hair so you can start applying the color. 


  1. Apply the Color

Alexa created this look using Streaks and Strands shades On the List, and mixed Glow On with a few drops of Kowabunga

Section the hair into 4 quadrants, starting from the middle front going to the back nape;  then, from the top of the crown to behind the ears.

Apply On the List starting on the top back and holding each section vertically after application, being careful not to let the On the List get on other sections and mids. 

Brush On the List in clean, ¼-inch sections on the root to about 2 inches down.

Section out a triangular section in the bangs from the center of the bangs to one side, to create the same look shown above, and apply On The List to that entire section. 

After On The List is applied to the entire root and color block section, apply Glow On and Kowabunga mixture to the mid shaft, working in similar ¼” sections, leaving approximately 4 inches of blonde out at the bottom. 

Using your fingers, blend the Glow On mixture into the On the List that is on the root, and smudge them together to create a soft blend. 

Lastly, apply On the List to the ends, smudging the Glow On mixture from the mids into the first inch of the ends. 

Allow to process 30 minutes to one hour, then rinse, shampoo and condition. 

  1. Finish the Look

Spray hair with Color Kind Prime to protect the hair. Blow dry smooth. Section the hair into 5 asymmetrical sections and put them in ponytails. Next, twist those into buns and secure, leaving out around 3 inches at the ends to create the spikes. Gently arrange the spikes symmetrically around the bun and use hairspray, wax, or GDY One Night Only to make them into points.