2024 Hairoscope: Your Next Hair Color, According to Your Star Sign

If you’re looking for some guidance to help you step into a new hera, you’ve come to the right place. Just look up — your breakthrough hair look of 2024 is written in the stars.



One of the most fiery signs of the zodiac, Aries impulsively headbangs headfirst into all situations. Why not stage dive hair-first into a vibrant red shade that makes a bold statement to kick off the new year?


The outgoing Leo is always primed, prepped, and ready for a close-up. Ruled by the sun, a Leo needs their hair to shine bright and help their inner light show — and there’s no time like the present to go blonde! All you need is to lighten, tone, and protect your shine every day. 


The free-spirited Sagittarius takes a lighthearted approach to life, filled with plenty of laughter, adventure, and travel. Have fun and play with DYEposit to experiment with new shades, touch up, or switch it up while you’re on the go.


Flexible and adaptable, the shape-shifting Gemini is often known for the two-faced duality of the twins. In fact, “Gemini hair” already exists! Try a two-tone split dye, like the look from the Still Into You music video spotted on GDY cofounder, Hayley Williams.


For decision-averse Libra who often struggles to commit, you’ll love experimenting with hair makeup that helps you try on new shades and switch it up by the day. Or even better, try out a streak or dip dye before you commit to a full head transformation. 


Curious and creative, Aquarius loves innovation but can also be a bit stubborn. While you love your tried-and-true neutral shades, you can also step just a little bit outside of the box with a beautiful rich copper.


A caring and nurturing homebody, Cancer is a hopeless romantic ruled by heart and emotion — and this pretty pastel pink was absolutely made for you.


Fiercely independent and shadowy, the mysterious Scorpio needs a bold hair color with remarkable depth, intensity, and versatility like this dynamic burgundy.


The intuitive empath of the zodiac, Pisces is drawn to the spiritual and the mystic. Channel your inner magic and mystery with an otherworldly shade fit for a fairy — like Wisteria or Narwhal.


Stable and grounded, Taurus is symbolized by the sleepy and ever-so-slightly stubborn bull who enjoys the cozy comforts of its pastoral landscape. Embrace the lush green of the natural world with the mossy Devil’s Ivy.


Always the sensible and logical friend, Virgo keeps everyone on a tight schedule and likes to play it safe with stability and structure. But, you can get a little out of your comfort zone with a saturated auburn brown.


Hardworking and ambitious, our favorite Capricorn is our very own boss lady and GDY cofounder, miss Hayley Williams. Why not just steal her current look? Gey Hayley’s strawberry blonde with the perfect mix of Earthworm and K.O