HOW TO: Iridescent Pink Rainbow

Look Description: 

Created by Fruits Hair Lab’s very own Bren (@brenfurits), this gorgeous iridescent pink look with rainbow reflections pays homage to pride month.

Step 1

Prep like a PRO

Advise clients to come with clean hair. 

Have clients pause on using heat tools, like a blow dryer, curling iron or flat iron for at least a week before the bleaching process. Heat styling can strip hair of moisture and cause heat damage which can be counterintuitive to the lightening process.

Step 2

Lighten like a PRO

Pastels tend to look best on hair lightened to a level 9 or 10. Think pale blonde or the color of the inside of a banana peel. Good Dye Young’s Hair Lightening Kit comes with a pre-measured powder lightener and a 25 volume creme developer for a gentle lift, and will lift hair 4-5 levels. Moisture in the hair that is removed during the lightening process is replaced with soy protein and coconut oil to protect, condition and strengthen your client’s hair. Mix the pre-measured powder and developer until it is well blended and clump free. Fully saturate foils placed in quarter inch sectioning.

Check your foils every 5-10 minutes and rinse when the hair has reached your desired lightness. Never leave on for longer than 50 minutes.  

Step 3 


If your client still has a slight yellow hue you can go in with GDY’s Platinum DYEposit, a blue-based platinum, to neutralize unwanted brassy and yellow tones.

Step 4

Rinse hair thoroughly and cleanse using our Color Kind Wash shampoo to remove all lightener and any other product build up that your client may have. Apply our Color Kind Rinse conditioner and let sit for 2-3 minutes, then rinse before applying color. This will even out the porosity of the hair and help you achieve a more even color.

Step 5

Dry your client’s hair thoroughly. Color will absorb more evenly and come out more vivid if applied to clean dry hair. Make sure to skip any leave-in conditioners and hair oils for this stage. It is important when working with pastels to have dry hair to ensure the pigment in the dye is not diluted with any water or product left in the hair. 

Step 6


First, section out the top where the pastel rainbow colors will be applied. Starting at the clients natural recession in the front then diagonally to the back, clip it out of the way.

Divide the remaining hair into four sections.

Step 7

Mix up your colors! 

This look uses semi-perm Pink Puff all over, with a rainbow of shades to create the iridescent halo.

GDY’s colors are beautiful straight out of the tube and can also be mixed together to create your own custom shades. If your client's hair only lifted to an 8, consider mixing in small amounts of a brighter color, like Ex- Girl. If your client's hair still has a bit too much yellow, try mixing in a bit of a cool tone, like Wisteria, to your Pink Puff to cancel out those remaining yellow tones. Every client's hair is unique, so making sure you formulate to accommodate them is essential. 

Step 8

Apply the base color, Pink Puff, to ½”-1” diagonal back sections, fully saturating the hair. Apply all the way until you reach your horse shoe section. Cover the base color with film to keep the lower section and top section separate, so the colors do not bleed into each other and become muddy. 

Step 9

Unclip your top section. Apply Pink Puff (or customer Pink Puff mix) to the root and lay a foil underneath. Apply your yellow shade, in this case Glow On, right below the pink in a thin horizontal line, feathering up to create a soft blend. Continue this with each shade in this order- pink (Pink Puff), yellow (Glow On), green (Wondermint), blue (Sky High), purple (Wisteria). After the purple apply Pink Puff to all of the remaining hair beneath. Make sure to fully saturate each color. Let the color sit for a minimum of 30 mins. 

Pro tip: To help color last longer and appear brighter, apply heat to the hair while color is sitting to open the cuticle and allow the color to absorb further. 

Step 10

Use cold water to rinse the color out. No need to shampoo the hair when using pastel shades. GDY’s semi-permanent formula has a conditioning base as well as essential oils so you do not need to apply conditioner either. Rinse with cold water until the water runs clear.

Step 11

Towel dry the hair and apply GDY’s Color Kind Prime (Hair Primer) before blow drying. Prime will coat the hair cuticle to keep color from fading prematurely due to heat sources and UV rays while promoting hair health. Blow dry hair completely, if using styling tools apply heat protectant prior and use a low heat setting. 

Step 12

Style as desired.

Step 13

After the appointment is concluded, advise clients to wait 2-3 days before washing their hair. Always use cold water, professional grade sulfate free shampoo (GDY’s Color Kind Wash), conditioner (GDY’s Color Kind Rinse), and heat protectant (GDY’s Color Kind Prime). 

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