Let's Get Tipsy

This look was created by our very own GDY Co-Founder and Celebrity Hair Stylist, Brian O'Connor. Follow him for more tutorials and hair inspo @colormebrian!

Let's Get Tipsy is all about getting tipsy with color and creating those tonal edges.  Let's Get Tipsy lets your clients experience color from the outside in. This is an easy, fun, and edgy (pun intended) look that adds some color in unexpected places without the commitment of a full color transformation.

This look was created by our very own GDY Co-Founder and Celebrity Hair Stylist, Brian O'Connor. Follow him for more tutorials and hair inspo @colormebrian!

1) Prep Like a Pro

For best results, begin on clean and dry hair. Clarify your client’s hair to remove dirt, oils, and fade any previous color as much as possible prior to bleaching. If oxidative color has been used, a color remover may be necessary. Grab 2 biodegradable bowls and 2 brushes to keep things clean. Make sure you have a proper cape for your client, a processing cap (or 2), and gloves. 

2) Lighten to a Level 10

When working with a dark canvas or roots that are longer than one inch, start the double lightening process and avoid banding by applying the lightener one inch away from the scalp in clean 1/4-inch sections around the head.  Process until everything but the root is a medium yellow color, approximately a level 8, then apply the bleach to the roots and process together until you’ve achieved the desired lightness. For this look, it was processed to a level 10. Without a toner, this color looks like a very pale yellow, or the inside of a banana.

When working with a client who’s canvas is already a 10, but has roots that need to be lightened; mix the bleach so it's a little thicker, similarly to a thin icing, and apply to just the roots, making sure to not overlap with previously lightened hair to avoid breakage.

Cover with a processing cap and process until you’ve achieved the desired lightness. Rinse and shampoo with a purple shampoo and follow with DYEposit in Platinum, allowing it to process for 5 minutes. This will even out your canvas and create the perfect platinum base.

3) Section Hair Into 4 Parts 

Using your comb or clip, section the hair into four sections. Start from the apex of your client’s head to the back of their ears to separate the front from the back. Then, from the apex down the center of the head, create four easy-to-manage sections. Use Grip Clips to keep the sections clean. 

4) Apply Blue Ruin to the Ends

5) Apply None More Black to the Tips 

Starting on the back sections, take 1/2-inch sections, separating them with the end of your brush. Using the tip of your brush, apply Blue Ruin to the last 2 inches of hair. Then, grab your brush with None More Black and apply to the last inch of hair, feathering it into the blue. For a softer line, use your fingers (with gloves on) to blend the colors together creating a gradient. Work your way up the back in ½-inch sections repeating this process. Ensure the color hits the same area by visually measuring where the previous color was placed and line it up. Add foil, or plastic wrap to sections to keep your sections from touching and prevent unwanted color transfer. When you get to the front, start at the bottom and work your way up in horizontal sections. You can paint a very sharp line, or feather the blue up to create a more diffused look. 

6) Process for 30 Minutes

While your client is processing, use the 30 minutes to clean your bowls and brushes, have a chat with your client, grab some coffee, and breathe in some fresh air!

7) Wash and Rinse

Rinse with cool water. Wash with Color Kind Wash and condition with Color Kind Rinse for optimal results. 

8) Dry and Style

Apply Color Kind Prime to towel-dried hair and style to your client’s desired look.