How To: Soft Color Blocking

This look was created by Alexa at Fruits Hair Lab. Follow @alexabrookehair and @fruitshairlab for more inspo!

Step 1: Section off the hair you want to lighten! Find the top center point of the head. Using a comb, draw a line from that top point to right behind your ear. You can clip or braid the rest of your hair away to avoid unwanted bleach.

Step 2: Use the GDY Lightening Kit to start the bleaching process! For this look, lift all the way to a level 10 (platinum).

Start at the bottom with a ¼-inch and place the hair in a foil.

Pro tip: The smaller the section, the faster it will process. If you have darker or thicker hair, take even thinner sections. 

Lay the lightener on thick so that it is evenly saturated about ½-inch away from the roots. Body heat speeds up the bleaching process, so you want to wait to apply the root until the ends have caught up.

Step 4: Process. This Lightener is premixed at 25 volume, which means that it will gently lift the hair. Check the foils every 5-10 minutes and rinse when the hair has reached your desired lightness. Re-saturate the ends as needed if you are still seeing old color. When the hair is a nice yellow color, apply the lightener to the roots. Gently pull the foil down enough to expose the unbleached hair and saturate both sides of the hair. Never leave on for longer than 50 minutes. Once everything is a nice pale yellow (like the inside of a banana peel), you're ready to rinse. 

Step 5: Shampoo twice to make sure all of the lightener is rinsed out of the hair. Condition with Platinum DYEposit to cancel out any brassy tones while adding softness and shine.

Step 6: Finish off her cut and style your client’s hair!

Step 7: Step outside to snap some pictures in natural light so you can see the true color and tag @gooddyeyoung so we can see your look!

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