Polka Dot Me Blue

This look was created by our very own GDY Co-Founder and Celebrity Hair Stylist, Brian O'Connor. Follow him for more tutorials and hair inspo @colormebrian!

When it comes to creating the perfect canvas on a shaved head, it's pretty straight forward and easy.

Step 1: Apply lightener from the Lightening Kit all over the hair (if the hair is less than an inch and a half, you don't need to start with the ends). Seal in the heat with a plastic processing cap.

Pro tip: Do not use a grocery bag unless you want the logo to transfer onto your hair!

Step 2: Let your hair process until the desired lightness, checking it every 5-10 minutes. Never leave it on for longer than 50 minutes. 

Step 3: Shampoo the lightener out of the hair and dry. 

Step 4: Add color! You can use One Night Only like we did in this example, or you can opt for a semi-permanent color if you're feeling more adventurous. 

Start by warming up a little bit of One Night Only on a palette or in the lid until it has a malleable consistency. Take a small detail brush, paint brush, or circle sponge and paint or stamp the circles all over!

Step 5: Grab a friend to help you with the back, but don’t get stressed about perfection! One Night Only washes right out, so you can wet it down and start again as many times as you’d like.

Step 6: Once you've mastered dots, try hearts or cheetah print! 

Step 7: Life is short, so have fun! If you try any of these looks, tag us @gooddyeyoung so we can check it out.

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