How To: Hayley's Orange + Black Tips

This look was created by our very own GDY Co-Founder and Celebrity Hair Stylist, Brian O'Connor. Follow him for more tutorials and hair inspo @colormebrian!

Look Name: 

Hayley’s Iconic Blonde with Fox Tips 


Our GDY co-founders Brian O’Connor and Hayley Williams are always collaborating on Hayley’s next look. Learn how they took Hayley from vivid color to platinum blonde hair with a trendy fox tail tip.  

What you’ll need: 

  • Lightening Kit
  • Color Kind Wash
  • Color Kind Rinse
  • Color Kind Prime
  • DYEposit in Platinum 
  • Your Favorite Oxidative Blonde Toner
  • Semi-Perms in Peach Fuzz (the Pantone color of the year!), Biz (Hayley’s fave bold orange), Riot (Hayley’s OG iconic orange), and None More Black (a rich black with violet undertones)

 How To: 

  1. Protect Like a Pro

Brian recommends K18 PRO Molecular Repair Hair Mist before lightening services. This helps promote even porosity and provides a layer of protection. 

  1. Lighten to a Level 10

On hair that is natural or previously dyed, with roots under an inch, apply the bleach mid-shaft through ends leaving a 1/2 inch section at the root, as this lightens faster.  Allow to process to a level 8, which is a medium yellow. Next, apply to the root & let process until everything is even, around a level 9 or 10. This should be a pale yellow. If hair is already platinum but has roots, apply lightener to roots only, being mindful to not overlap. Process until a level 9 or 10 is achieved. 

PRO TIP: If hair is previously dyed using a vivid color, you can us a color remover, clear toner with developer, or bleach wash instead of completely bleaching hair. 

  1. Shampoo and Tone

Rinse lightener from the hair and follow with a purple shampoo, then condition. Next, tone with your favorite oxidative toner, such as Wella’s Blondor Pale Platinum. Process toner for the manufacturer's recommended time. Shampoo again and condition with Good Dye Young’s Platinum DYEposit. This blue-based platinum helps neutralize any remaining brassy or yellow tones. Allow to process for 5-10 minutes and comb through for even distribution. 

  1. Rinse and Dry

After rinsing DYEposit, apply more K18 PRO Molecular Repair Hair Mist and blow dry the hair so you can start coloring the tips. 

  1. Apply the Tip Colors

Brian created this look with a mixture of equal parts Peach Fuzz & Biz from our semi-perm collection, plus a dime-size amount of Riot. Once blended, apply to the ends. 

PRO TIP: Apply using quarter-inch sections, starting about 3 inches from bottom and painting downward. Remember to keep sections separated with foil. Visually line up and place color in the same area as the previous section to ensure a clean line. 

Lastly, go in with the shade None More Black and apply to the bottom inch of hair. Allow to process for 30 mins, then rinse with cold water. 

  1. Finish the Look

Spray hair with Color Kind Prime to protect the hair, and style as desired.

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