Hair Stamps

This look was created by our very own GDY Co-Founder and Celebrity Hair Stylist, Brian O'Connor. Follow him for more tutorials and hair inspo @colormebrian!

Want to accessorize your client’s hair for a night out with no commitment? Use One Night Only as a hair tattoo! This buildable and blendable formula is so easy to work with — all you have to do is layer for a super-saturated finish or comb through it for a softer look.

For maximum impact, we recommend picking a color that contrasts with your current hair color. For example, if your hair is red/copper, try a pop of blue! If your hair is brunette, try a pop of pink or purple! Or, let your outfit inspire the perfect shade.

Pro tip: Did you know you can mix the colors together? Swatch a little bit of both onto a palette, mix, and create your own custom shade!

Step 1: Style your hair as desired, usually it’s easier to add a hair tattoo on straight hair, maybe with the ends flipped out for a little flair.

Step 2: [OPTIONAL] If you have long hair, take the top inch layer of your hair and place a piece of cardboard underneath to create a base you are able to paint on.

Step 3: [OPTIONAL] If you have a stencil, try using one! Using a small detail brush or arts & crafts sponge, dab One Night Only onto the stencil.

Pro tip: Let One Night Only dry between layers of application to really build up the color.

Step 4: Freestyle it and let your creativity fly. Hearts, stars, cheetah print… you’re the artist! You can use as many colors as you would like, but just remember to let them dry in between switching colors to avoid mixing (unless you want a gradient!).

Step 5: Go crazy. If it doesn’t work out, it washes right out.  

Spiked Tips:

Frosted tips are coming back into style! If you have shorter hair, it’s time for you to join the trend.

Step 1: Using the One Night Only shade of your choice, take a little bit of product in your fingers, apply to the tips of your hair, and twist it in. 

Step 2: Build up the intensity! Whether you are using one color or multiple, One Night Only is buildable so you can layer it to get your desired result.

Step 3: If the color is too intense, comb it out to soften the finish. 

Vivid Roots:

Want to try ghost roots without the commitment or the bleach? Try One Night Only!

Step 1: Using a flat hair color brush, apply One Night Only at your root. Using light pressure, feather the color down.  Keep checking your work as you move down until you get your desired effect.

Step 2: To create dimension and layers, turn your color brush at different angles as you brush the product down.

Step 3: Comb the color through to create a seamless blend.

Step 4: Repeat until you achieve your desired color intensity! Let the product dry in between layers for the brightest results.

Build the Look