Tips & Tricks To Wash And Style With One Night Only Hair Makeup

One Night Only is an accessible, easy-to-use, single-use, wash-out hair makeup formula that works with all hair types, textures, and colors to help you dive into vivid color without the commitment. Experiment with streaks, color blocking, dip dye, or a create-your-own color, switching it up by the day like you would with your makeup or your clothes.

Hayley Williams hair makeup looks

Before you get started, here are some pro stylist tips to help you experiment with One Night Only, wash it out, and try again over & over again — thanks to Alexa, one of our color experts at the Fruits Lab in Nashville.

  1. Mix colors for custom shades!

  2. One Night Only is a dye-free hair makeup, which means it’s safe to use on previously color-treated and pre-lightened hair without staining or compromising your color.

  3. If you liked Poser Paste, you will love One Night Only! This formula is smoother, buildable, and colors are more vivid.

  4. One Night Only is formulated without  synthetic wax, meaning it’s easy to wash out in one wash — all you need is some lukewarm water and even better with shampoo.

  5. One Night Only can be applied on every hair texture, color, and length.

  6. Apply One Night Only by using your fingers or a small brush, starting at the top of the desired area and working down.

  7. For spiky looks, twist gently upon application and leave as is. For a softer look, comb or brush through the section after application.