Get your streak on!

Touch-ups, money pieces, buzz cuts, dip dyes, peek-a-boos, color blocks, and so much more!

With Streaks & Strands, your creativity has no limits – and at just $10 each, you can try one shade – or all of them 😎
Array of Streaks & Strands Boxes

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"The world is your oyster —paint yourself gorgeous!"

Brian O’Connor
Co-Founder & Master Stylist, Good Dye Young

"Switching up your hair is a fun and easy way to step into a new era of your life."

Hayley Williams
Co-Founder of Good Dye Young

Hayley Williams Streaks & Strands hair
Good Dye Young cultivates a safe and inclusive community
that values vibrant self-expression and creativity.

We also make bad a** hair products.



Free of a lot of
gross chemicals

Natural Sunflower

Made with love
in the USA or Canada

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