What Level is My Hair?

If you’ve been around the block or our site, you’ve probably heard us talk about levels. But what exactly are we talking about, and why does it matter? Knowing the level of your hair is key information when it comes to dyeing your hair and getting results you’ll love. Have no fear, Team GDY is here to tell you everything you need to know about levels.

What are the levels of hair?

The level of your hair is determined by your hair’s shade. These numbered levels help to standardize the many shades hair can be, so it’s easier to create formulas that get you to your dream hair. There are 10 levels ranging from black to lightest blonde. You can check each level out below!

But I have red hair, what do I do?

Hey gorgeous! We haven’t forgotten about you! Levels of hair depends on lightness or darkness, not necessarily color. Natural red heads are between a level 6 and 7. 

Why do I need to bleach my hair?

Bleaching your hair is the best way to get the most vibrant, longest lasting results from any semi-permanent dye. Not only does bleaching your hair create the perfect canvas for your color of choice, it also increases your hair’s porosity, allowing the semi-permanent dye to stick better. Our GDY Lightening Kit actually opens up the hair cuticle to lighten your hair, allowing the pigment to really stick.

What if my hair doesn’t lift to a level 10?

While a level 10 is the ideal level for all of GDY’s semi-permanent shades, if your hair lifts closer to a 7 or 8, there are still lots of shades you can use! We’d suggest any shades from our OG or Darker Daze collection. Both collections contain shades that contain higher pigment loads than some of our other collections (like our pastels in Lighter Daze!) and can still leave your hair looking vibrant even if you didn’t get to a level 10.

Had your heart set on pastel pink, but didn’t lift to a level 10? You may just need another round of bleaching! Wait at least 24 hours, and then perform a test strand with more bleach to see if your hair can handle another round of bleaching. 

If you’re test strand looks good and your hair can handle another round of lightening, go for it! If you hair cannot handle another round of lightening, consider using a darker shade.

And just like that…you're an expert on levels. Now you know what each level looks like, and what to look for when you bleach your own hair. Grab a couple Lightening Kits and get to bleaching babe!