Lightening 101: How many GDY Lightening Kits do I need?

Your hair length, texture, and tone can affect how many lightening kits you need.

Use our reference models to see how many kits, and what size, you will need to achieve your best lift based on the look you're trying to achieve. 

For buzz cuts, you can use 1 Streaks & Strands Lightening Kit.

For short textured hair, 1 full size Lightening Kit is best so you'll have enough product to fully saturate the hair.

The Streaks & Strands Lightening Kit was specially made for money-pieces, streaks, and dip-dye tip or bangs.

2 to 3 full size Lightening Kits are best for fine, shoulder length hair. 

If your hair is a little longer than shoulder length but still fine, then 4 to 5 full size Lightening Kits is best. 

Shoulder length, textured hair needs more product than shoulder length, fine hair, so it's best to use 4 to 5 full size Lightening Kits to ensure full saturation and even lightening.

Thick, long hair needs a lot of product to cover the entire length of the strands. We recommended 7 to 10 Lightening Kits depending on the length and thickness of the hair.

If you are still unsure about how many lightening kits you need, email us at with a picture of your hair and our stylists can provide custom advice.