How to Get the Best Results when Bleaching your Hair

We’ve compiled some of our most commonly asked questions about bleaching your hair and answered them for ya, all in one place! 

Looking to bleach your hair, but not sure where to start? Tried of scrolling through numerous step by step tutorials just to find the answer to your question? We’ve compiled some of our most commonly asked questions about bleaching your hair and answered them for ya, all in one place! 

Why do I save my roots for last? 

It seems wrong, but we promise, it’s right! You should always apply your bleach mixture to your mid lengths and ends first, and then go back to your roots. Working through each section, saturate the mid-lengths and ends of your hair with your bleach mixture. Once you’ve worked through each section, it’s time for the roots! The heat from your scalp accelerates the bleaching process, causing your roots to lift lighter, faster. The roots are also the most stubborn part of the hair strand, as they are the newest growth, the most “virgin” hair.

Do I need to bleach all of my hair every time? 

Roots, mid-lengths, and ends. Where do you begin? Well, it depends on what you’re trying to do. Your hair porosity plays a big part in how pigment sticks to your hair. Lightening your hair increases your hair porosity, allowing pigment to stick better. But you don’t need to bleach all of your hair all the time.  Let’s break it down into a couple scenarios: 

  • First time lightening virgin hair: Apply your bleach mixture to the mid-length and ends first. After you’ve apply the mixture to your entire head, mid-lengths to ends, then apply your hair to the roots. You can check out our step by step instructions on how to bleach your hair here! 
  • Changing shades, contrasting colors: We suggest doing a bit of research about your current hair color and your end goal. Contrasting colors are the hardest to switch between, and may take multiple colors to get there. When applying your lightener to remove as much pigment as you can, we’d suggest trying a bleach wash for your mid-lengths and ends, and then lightening your roots. 
  • Changing Shades, complimentary colors: Lighten your roots, then apply your new semi-permanent shade of choice all over and let process.
  • Root Touch Ups: apply your bleach mixture to your roots, combing the mixture down right to your color, being sure not to overlap onto the previously lightened hair. This allows your roots to seamlessly blend, while not damaging your hair that has already been lightened.

Do I need to do a test strand? 

First time bleaching your hair? You should perform a strand test. Going from red to blue, or purple to yellow? You should perform a strand test. Nervous if you’ll like the shade you’ve chosen? You should perform a strand test. Okay, you get it. We’re really serious about strand tests! They are the best way to ensure you’ll see results you love and protect your hair in the long run. Check out this video for step by step instructions on how to perform a strand test!

How much bleach should I apply?

You hear us say “saturate the strand fully” a lot…but what does that mean, and what does saturated look like? Proper saturation is one of the most important things to consider when lightening or dyeing your hair. Proper saturation of bleach or semi-permanent dye is the key to achieving full coverage and an even lift. Check out this example of what proper saturation looks like and tips on how to saturate your hair! 

What do I do when I’m done bleaching?

A strong finish is always best, even when it comes to your hair. Lucky for you, our semi-permanent dyes are ultra creaming and hydrating, to condition your hair as you dye! After lightening, skip the conditioner and dry your hair. Apply your semi-permanent shade of choice, and process. Remember to rinse with cool water! Cool water closes the cuticle, sealing in the pigment. You can apply a small amount of RINSE for an extra bit of conditioning!