Hayley's Blonde Hair with Custom Tips

Hey guys, I’m a celebrity hair stylist and the Co-Founder of Good Dye Young Hair & today I’m going to show you how I created Hayley Wiliams’ new blonde look. 

So before we started the coloring process I used a k-18 treatment for some added protection before bleach.

I then started the bleaching process using the Good Dye Young Lightening Kit that contains 25 volume developer. Every Good Dye Young product is created through my lens as a pro stylist. It was especially important to me that we develop an at-home bleach that was gentle yet effective so people could get over that initial fear & bleach at-home with confidence.  

So I applied the bleach mid-shaft through the ends and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then applied to the root & let it sit for 20-30 minutes. 

Next I shampooed and toned, rinsed and shampooed again to help cancel out any brass. 

We then towel dried and went in with the Good Dye Young DYEposit in Platinum. This is a blue-based platinum that neutralizes brassy & yellow tones. 

DYEposit is our conditioning treatment that comes in 10 different shades. It deposits color to enhance or add to your existing color while toning, hydrating, strengthening, and boosting shine. 

After we rinsed DYEposit I blew out her hair so I could then start working on the color for her ends.

I created a mixture of equal parts Peach Fuzz & Biz from our semi perm collection with a dime size of Riot & applied to the ends.

Lastly, I still wanted to keep the smoky tips from her last look so I went in with the shade None More Black to enhance that color. We let that process for 30 mins & then rinsed with cold water.

I love the way this came out and how we were able to bring Hayley back to blonde while still keeping her iconic orange in the mix.