We Made Easy-To-Use Hair Makeup That Looks & Feels So Good, You Can Wear It Every Day

Imagine bringing the daily fun, color, creativity, and sparkle of your favorite lipsticks, eyeliners, and blushes to your hair.

Hair makeup isn’t limited to the Halloween hair color sprays that leave your hair feeling crisp, dry, and matted. We wanted to formulate a creamy, soft, malleable hair makeup that would be easy to wear and easy to wash out — so you can experiment with your hair color every single day, like you would with your makeup or your clothes.

Meet One Night Only, the easy-to-use wash-out hair makeup formula that works with all hair types, textures, and colors to help you dive into vivid color without the commitment.

Hair Makeup

What is One Night Only Hair Makeup?

“I mean, it's just that it's right in the name! One Night Only is a vivid temporary makeup — a one and done, if you will. It’s a soft, malleable, high-pigmented paste that will not affect your hair color, whether natural, bleached or vivid.” — Brian O’Connor, Good Dye Young Co-Founder 

“And you just wash it right out after the show, after your night out, after a day at work.” — Hayley, Good Dye Young Co-Founder 

Hayley Williams Hair Makeup

Why did you formulate One Night Only?

“I get really bored with looks very easily and I annoy Brian by always wanting to change it up. So, we made a product that makes it really, really easy. I can go on stage with the look and literally feel like I've dyed my hair because the product is so soft and it is really versatile.

Plus, I'm not a hairstylist, but even I can do this, and I love that. To me, my favorite thing about us moving into hair makeup is that it gives the same quality and the same payoff that our semi-permanents do. We worked so hard to bring people that salon experience at home.” — Hayley 

“For us, changing our looks is always essential. Especially on the road with Hayley's hair, we need to be able to be as versatile as possible. But we wanted to create this product for y'all to ease the commitment around lightening and semi-permanent. This sort of eases that while also maintaining a softer, lighter hold, higher shine for every hair texture, every hair type.

How do you use One Night Only?

“You can do a lot of different looks with One Night Only and it works on any hair texture. There’s so many options whether you have naturally textured hair and you want to put it in and diffuse it, air, dry it, you can put it on dry hair and styling mold that again, you can comb through it. It's a much softer, more malleable product than some of our previous makeup hair makeups, which is really good because we wanted this to be for everybody, every hair type.
— Brian O’Connor, Good Dye Young Co-Founder 

Like, this is literally as simple as throwing a lip gloss or a lipstick in your bag. You can just throw this in and you can either touch up or you can change up your look on the fly. It's so expressive. And I think if you love changing up your makeup looks and you like wearing color, it’s going to make that type of expression so simple for you. Then, you can just wash it right out after the show, after work, or after your night out. If you’re using One Night Only on-the-go and don’t have a sink handy, a makeup wipe will do the trick.”
— Hayley Williams, Good Dye Young Co-Founder