SALON SPOTLIGHT: Meet Fruits Lab Hair Stylist, Alexa Brooke

In 2022, GDY co-founders Brian & Hayley opened up Fruits Hair Lab in Nashville and built a badass team of vibrant color and dynamic cut experts to bring the Good Dye Young experience to an IRL salon. If you’re itching for a hair transformation and venture through the doors of Fruits Lab, you just might find yourself in the cozy chair of the electric Alexa Brooke.

Alexa has been blazing the hair industry for thirteen years. While her specialty is balayage, blondes, and vivid color, Alexa is no stranger to iconic cuts. Her expertise and artist eye leaves each client satisfied with the vision and follow through. You can easily win her over with conversation about pets, the latest tv shows, and music that covers all decades.

We had the awesome opportunity to catch Alexa in between clients to dive deep into her personal journey with beauty, hair, color, and GDY.

Who is your dream client? 

My dream client would have to be Rico Nasty. She embodies a mix of all of my favorite style icons. 

Her futuristic couture take on the Y2K fashion movement inspires me with every look. 

Favorite part about your job? 

My favorite part about my job would have to be the people! It might sound cheesy, but to have the ability to create art that people walk around with every day is the highest honor. 

I care deeply for my clients. I get to do their hair or makeup for their biggest days, such as a wedding, a graduation, a first date that they’re really excited about, the first time they play on stage or accept an award they’re really proud of. 

I get to hug them and pamper them if they lost someone they loved, like a family member or a pet. 

I will never take for granted the way these lovely people have chosen to spend their time with me and believe in my craft. 

Favorite look you've ever done? 

My favorite look I’ve ever done would have to be on my client and friend Stacy King. She is a musician, who goes by Sucré, and around 2019 we did this incredible white blonde and bleached her eyebrows. 

She is already an ethereal-looking being and this look just fit her so well! 

When was the first time you dyed your hair vivid? What color? 

The first time I ever dyed my hair a vivid color was around 14. We weren’t allowed to have “unnatural colors” but I pushed the envelope as hard as I could without getting suspended haha. It was a vibrant, fire truck red. 

Not long after I started my career, at my first salon, I dyed it pastel purple. That was the first time I truly felt like “this is my look!”

I’ve had pink hair for the better part of 5 years now, and love it!

How did you start your career in hair?

My mom always jokes she will never be able to get all the hair I cut out of my childhood bathroom. By the time I was a senior in high school I was doing all my friends hair. I loved the music scene and was inspired by people like Brian and Hayley, Christina Aguilera, and Gwen Stefani who were doing this incredible alternative hair. 

Growing up in a very small town, not many hair stylists knew how or wanted to do alt styles so I just started doing it! My friends as my test subjects, our platform: MySpace. 

After cosmetology school I started my career at this lovely place in Springfield, Missouri. 

It’s called blu skies, and my bosses, Phillip and Katie were just the best. They nurtured my career but also knew I was a baby stylist that needed training. They always encouraged my creativity, my eclectic taste, but showed me how to do these styles in a technical way. 

Since then I have been so lucky to be surrounded by many wonderful stylists that have all had an impact on the way I approach the technical and creative side of hair. 

Why Good Dye Young?

I am so grateful every day that my journey has led me to being a part of the incredible team at Fruits Hair Lab and Good Dye Young. I'm elated that the culmination of my interests and passion has landed me right where I’m supposed to be.