For the planet. For our hometown.

Good Dye Young has partnered with leaders in sustainability efforts to provide you with different ways to make planet-friendly choices. And our founders, Hayley Williams and Brian O'Connor, didn't stop there. They've taken their commitment to sustainable solutions to their salon in their hometown of Nashville, Tennessee - Fruits Hair Lab.

Fruits Hair Lab has partnered with Green Circle Salons - the industry's first sustainable salon solution dedicated to fighting beauty waste and climate change.

Sustainability with Green Circle Salons

  • Hair gets recycled into hair brooms to clean up oil spills, or to be made into pillows for international aid efforts. 
    • Leftover hair is turned into:
      • Commercial Insulation
      • Humanitarian Efforts
      • Specialty Bio Plastic
      • Hair brooms
      • Compost 
      • Stormwater filtration
  • Color tubes & used foils are recycled into new metal
  • Chemical residue is recycled into new sources of energy
    • Green circle takes leftover color and turns it into: 
      • Water which is clean and ready for use
      • Clean energy which is injected back into local power grids.

Learn more about where waste goes at the Green Circle Salons website.

Fruits Hair Lab implements policies adhered to by stylists and employees:

  • Lower waste with hand dryers instead of single use paper products.
  • Recycle all waste from their complimentary beverage options, like espresso pods, Liquid Death cans, and Switters Iced Coffee.
  • Source paper products from companies like Who Gives A Crap.
  • Use low waste cleaning products like cleaning solution tablets, refillable soap, and eco laundry detergent sheets.

Together, we can take small steps that can make a big impact. Learn more about Fruits Hair Lab and if you're in the Nashville area, book an appointment!