How Brian maintains Hayley's blonde look

Brian O'Connor, celeb hair stylist and co-founder of Good Dye Young, recently shared what he's been using to keep Hayley's blonde on point.

Hayley Williams back stage

  1. PRE-WASH: A gentle scalp scrub formulated for colored hair. We use this once a week before shampoo. Iūüß°this bc it‚Äôs gentle but effective. It removes product buildup from all of the styling we do on tour, it promotes healthy hair growth, & bonus this formula has anti-inflammatory properties that sooth itchy, irritated scalps.


  1. WASH: Color-protecting shampoo that properly cleanses and REALLY maintains the vibrancy of the color much longer than other shampoos + adds intense shine.


  1. RINSE: This is the conditioner created to pair with WASH. Color-protecting, detangling, and repairing. Also has ūüĆĽoil to control frizz & damage.


  1. PLATINUM DYEPOSIT: Dyeposit is our color depositing mask. We use this once a week from roots and the end of the blonde (not on the orange & black ends). This helps cancel any brass or yellow tones. It also is packed with hair healthy ingredients to hydrate & undo hair damage. Plus it smells SO good.


  1. PRIME: This is a must!! We use this priming spray on damp hair to coat the hair cuticle to lock in color & keep from fading. We use a lot of heat styling on tour which can damage the hair & fade color, but this priming spray protects against that!
Haley Williams on tour behind the scenes