Everything You Need To Know About Temporary Hair Color

How can I temporarily dye my hair?

Want to add a streak of bright red to your hair or play with dip-dyed ends of pastel pink, but don’t want to commit to a long-term change? With temporary hair dye options, you can add exciting new looks as often as you like with the freedom and flexibility of knowing it doesn’t have to last forever! Temporary hair dye options include both semi-permanent dye and temporary hair make-up.

Semi-permanent color lasts approximately 4-6 weeks, generally fading out over time (unless you reapply). Want to learn more about semi-permanent dye? Here’s everything you need to know about semi-permanent hair dye. 

Want even less commitment? Try temporary hair make-up. You can play up a new look for a big event or see how amazing you feel rocking rainbow locks for the day! Why not try a few? With temporary hair make-up, you can wash it all away with the next shampoo and start again whenever you want. 

So, let out your self-expression with temporary hair make-up and get creative with your hair style! Here are some of the main facts you need to know about our temporary hair make-up:

What is temporary hair make-up?

First and foremost, it is NOT hair dye. Since it sits on top of the hair, it will not stain the hair. Our hair make-up, called Poser Paste, is actually a styling product, providing medium hold but with the added fun of a temporary pop of color. So, not only can you get creative with your color – you can get creative with your hairstyle too! 

How long does temporary hair make-up last?

Poser Paste is perfect for a date night, music festivals, or just to switch things up for a day. It washes out immediately with your next shampoo. However, it’s transfer proof while you wear it so you don’t have to worry about it getting all over your favorite clothes.

How do I remove it? 


It’s as easy as washing your hair normally! Just lather and rinse a couple times and our hair make-up washes out with your favorite shampoo. Using a scalp scrub like our Pre Wash will easily break down the Poser Paste while washing. 

Does temporary hair color damage your hair?

Nope – Poser Paste works just like any other styling product – coating the hair without penetrating it.

Is there a temporary hair dye that washes out right away?

While it’s not technically a dye, that’s exactly what hair make-up does – washes out right away when you use your favorite shampoo. If you want color that lasts a little longer or fades over time, try a semi-permanent dye. 

What is the best temporary hair dye?

There are many different options for temporary hair dye and choosing the right one depends on what you need. Below are several of the key benefits and things to remember about Poser Paste.

Key Benefits of Poser Paste hair make-up:

  1. Fast and easy to use
  2. Versatile and easy to work with
  3. Safe for all hair types, all hair colors, and all ages
  4. Transfer-proof while you wear it and washes out with your favorite shampoo 
  5. Infused with Bergamot and Sweet Orange Essential Oils: self-caring with the subtle scent of citrus
  6. Cruelty free 
  7. Colors can be mixed to customize your own shade
  8. Glows in black light 
  9. Can style with heat tools once dried 

Where can I buy temporary hair dye?

You can buy it online or in stores. Our products are sold at Sally’s Beauty Supplies, Sephora and you can order online with Free Shipping for any order over $40 in the US. When you order from our website, you will also be automatically enrolled in our buyer perks program and receive special offers, including discounts, giveaways, and exclusive access to new products.

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What colors are available for temporary hair dye?

Temporary hair dye and hair make-up come in many different colors, and you can combine colors to achieve limitless coloring options. Check out our video tutorials to get inspired and learn how to create your own look.

We’ll leave you with a few final things to remember about Poser Paste:

  1. Poser Paste is not hair dye, it sits on top of the hair 
  2. Comb through Poser Paste before it dries for straight hair to soften look
  3. Scrunch in for naturally curly hair to keep natural curl pattern instead of combing 
  4. We don’t recommend using Poser Paste all over the head, use in small sections 
  5. Will not stain hands, clothes, or hair 
  6. Adds texture to the hair
  7. Acts like a styling paste with medium hold 

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