You ever wonder why we have this incessant need to be perfect ALL the time? And then do you wonder what “perfect all the time” even means?

In a world driven by face value: how “good” you look, how much your clothes cost, how perfectly curled your hair is and how many abs you can see on your belly, the idea of perfection has certainly found itself in my brain more than once. I have been doing hair for almost 15 years and I am not afraid to say that I can be vain at times. But a few years ago, something hit me: WTF happened to the creative, artistic ME? The one who looked at Vogue, W Magazine and Interview Magazine and went WOAH! Look at all of that unconventional BEAUTY in its Avant Garde, creative splendor. That was the me who started dreaming up Poser Paste. That version of me wasn’t interested in the pursuit of perfection.  That version of me was in the pursuit of self-expression and creative freedom.

As I thought through the concept of what became Poser Paste, I focused on creating something temporary, that could be built up for a very textured THERE look or could be brushed out a bit softer. But no matter what, this product was gonna have texture – it was never meant to be conventional or fall in line. This product idea was actually a tool to tell the world I EXPRESS MYSELF BOLDLY AND CREATIVELY. This product concept was going to give the middle finger to get-in-line, perfectly curled hair and overdrawn faces.

So, in my hair world filled with colored sprays, hair chalks and gels, I thought PASTE! A flexible, workable, customizable paste that always stands out and never falls in line.  And while we’re at it, let’s make it washable so that commitment-phobes and those of us who dye our hair once a week because we’re not sure where we’re at in life, can have a product that expresses their feelings in the moment and can be washed out the same day to start over, clean slate and all.  Maybe on Wednesdays you wear PINK, but Sundays are more BLUE. Well my friends, meet POSER PASTE! She’s got you covered.

Just remember that she’s a PASTE, just like it says in the name! This is for the girl and guy in all of us who think unconventionally outside the box, who (like me) dream in a world of Avant Garde beauty where there are no rules, just fun expressive style that is yours. To be very clear, Poser Paste is not going to give you long, soft flowing silky pink hair; it’s going to give you textured, stylized BOLD “I’m here! What’s Up” hair. If you want silky pink hair then PLEASE try our Semi-Perm Hair Color – they are not for the commitment-phobes, but they WILL leave your hair looking like a bold, shining rainbow and feeling silky soft.

So, the next time you’re standing in the mirror and wondering what today’s look is going to be, ask yourself if you wanna blend in or if you’re up for expressing yourself out loud, with vibrant get-you-noticed color! And if you choose the latter (I hope you do!), then know that Poser Paste was created for you, by me.

Written by Brian O’Connor, Co-Founder of Good Dye Young

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