Who can use Good Dye Young’s Lightening Kit?

Category: Lightening Kit
  • Always do a strand test to determine if your hair is strong enough for a lightener.
  • Use the GDY Powder Lightener with 25 Volume Creme Developer for virgin hair that has not previously been color treated.
  • GDY Powder Lightener with 25 Volume is great to lift natural hair that falls between a light brown and dark blonde to a level 9 or 10 light blonde.
  • If you have naturally black to medium brown hair, and do not have color, a relaxer or permanent wave, and your hair is in good condition, you may need to repeat the application of the GDY Lightening Kit to achieve the desired results.
  • Go to a professional for assistance if you have never lightened your hair before yourself and even if you have, it’s a lot more fun to have a friend or a professional help out so you don’t miss any spots.
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