Step by step guide to lighten your hair using GDY Lightening Kit

The very best way to apply a lightener to  hair is as follows: Do a strand test to make sure your hair can take a lightener and also a patch test if you plan on applying the GDY Lightening Kit to your scalp. Section and clip your hair into 4 sections by parting your hair […]

I’ve never used lightener before, what should I do?

It’s always recommended you seek the help and advice of a professional hair stylist when for the first time you are coloring, and especially when you are lightening your hair. Good Dye Young is always here to help guide your stylist on the use of GDY products if your stylist is not familiar with our […]

Can I use lightening kit on textured hair?

Yes, you can use our lightening kit on naturally textured hair. Just be aware that textured hair will lift and lighten differently than non- textured hair so always keep on eye on your hair while it’s processing. Please note, we do not recommend using our lightening kit on chemically textured hair, such as perms.

Can I use lightening kit on relaxed hair?

We do not recommend using our lightening kit on relaxed hair as the hair has already undergone a chemical process. We recommend seeking a professional’s help if you are considering lightening your relaxed hair.

How many Lightening Kits will I need?

This depends on whether you are simply doing a small section of your hair or the entire head. If you’re just doing a small section, check out our new Mini Lightening Kit! An entire head could require between 2-5 Lightening Kits. Just remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry and have extra on […]

How does the Lightening Kit work?

We at GDY have made this easy for you! We’ve measured both the Creme Developer and the Powder Lightener already and you simply mix one bottle of the Creme Developer with one packet of Powder Lightener, making sure to mix to a nice even cream consistency. Make sure you get professional advice when lightening or removing […]

What is GDY’s Lightening Kit?

The Good Dye Young Lightening Kit allows you to lighten your hair to a level 9 or 10 light blonde so when you apply the GDY colors, they will show up as vibrant as possible. We use 25 Volume Creme Developer so that your hair is left in good condition while offering just the right […]