She’s A Rainbow

Summer has officially begun and for Brian & I, it all started with Bonnaroo. Now we’re out on #tour5 doin’ looks for the Paramore shows (more on that soon)… but we figured we’d send over some Pride inspo.

*A little backstory on our history together. Brian’s first work trip with Paramore was for the “crushcrushcrush” shoot. Even though he created the hairstyle/color for “Misery Business,” he and I never worked a real shoot together until after. At this point, it’s been over a decade and the work just feels like art now for both of us. We’ll keep you in the loop via Strands & our IG stories so you can see us at work behind the scenes on the current Paramore tour.* This Bonnaroo look was one of my favorites. I love when Brian just creates on a whim and uses my face as a canvas (see: the Melbourne look for tour 3). Per Brian’s orders, a look like this is NOT about being precise. Though blending is key to make the colors melt into each other. Basically, it’s all color theory/ROY G. BIV stuff.

Blend to your hearts content, honies. But never blend in.

Ps – a huge shout out to Morphe for sending Brian that MASSIVE color shadow palette.


Written by Hayley Williams, Founder of Good Dye Young. Makeup by Brian O’Connor, Co-Founder of Good Dye Young.

Images taken by Kylie Rebecca for Stage Right Secrets & Andrew Nelles for Tennessean

6 thoughts on “She’s A Rainbow

  1. Yayitslexi says:

    oooo this look is so amazing! i love seeing all the amazing things Brian does and then seeing Hayley rock it on stage! This is perfect, you guys are great 🙂

  2. H_rkc says:

    I always wondered who styled the earlier hair for you Hayley and wow that it was Brian! so awesome that you’ve been creating hair art together for so long 🙂 I’ve convinced myself that just because I’m 31 and have two small babies doesn’t mean I can’t have rad hair! Can’t wait to #tryadye

  3. April says:

    I love this look! And I’m glad y’all posted this, Thank You! I want to try to recreate the look 🙂
    I have always thought all colors are beautiful, I love to see & it’s amazing how makeup, hair dyes, paint, brings to life anything. Art is everywhere & it’s beautiful. And using any of these stuff on myself makes me feel like art & it makes me feel happy ✨

  4. ebonybinion says:

    This look is my favouriteeee! Loved the Melbourne show look too (I was at that show (!!!), miss you lots)! Do you think you guys will ever create and include makeup products as a part of gooddyeyoung? x

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