SarahLouWho Styles With Prime

SarahLouWho slays her look using Prime, Color Kind Hair Primer!

Prime protects your color against heat styling, UV rays, humidity, and keeps it vibrant. This product also reduces blow dry time to make your styling process shorter with less direct heat to the hair. Just ask Sarah, with Prime her locks only took 6 minutes to blow dry! Not to mention your hair will feel so soft and smooth. To get Sarah’s freshly styled look, start by spraying Prime onto damp hair. Next, use a round brush to blow out your hair for added volume. Add a fun pop of color to your hair like Sarah! She added in a streak of pink using Poser Paste in Ex-Girl for a fun look! You’re ready to take on the world with hair that has never looked so good! Let Prime become part of styling routine to provide the ultimate protection for your hair.

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Spritz Prime onto clean, damp hair.
  2. Use a roundbrush to blowout your hair and add volume!
  3. Add a streak of pink Poser Paste by taking a small amount between your index finger and thumb and rub it around.
  4. Apply the Poser Paste to a small section of hair by beginning at the root and pulling it through to the end.
  5. Comb the color through your hair to get a soft streak of color!

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