Red Hair DIY Tutorial with Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

Ready to turn up the heat a notch and try a new look with red semi-permanent hair dye? We understand because we adore how hot this hue has become in recent years, especially when there are so many great red hair inspirations.

Red hair has been coveted by so many for so long, there’s even a mythology around those with auburn strands. As author Augusten Burroughs once wrote, “
“Red hair is great. It’s rare, and therefore superior.”

Since not all of us have a natural attention-grabbing shade of red, we are even more thankful for red semi-permanent hair dye that brings all our copper colored fantasies to life. From fire-engine siren to strawberry blonde, there is a shade of red you were born to rock.

Even medium and dark-brown hair jolts to life with an intensive red or mahogany red and blondes can positively burst into flames with red semi-permanent hair dye. Of course, any red can tone down with our Fader, so it’s easier to be more strawberry blonde than cherry bomb.

For brunettes ready to go bold or go home, lighten up first with our Lightening Kit, then apply our Rock Lobster red for your vibrant look.

Get extra creative with your own custom color mix by using more than one of our semi-permanent shades. Grab some PPL Eater and find the perfect burgundy or blend with Riot for an amazing multi-layer look.

Once you’ve nailed your perfect shade, don’t forget to keep your new look hydrated with our Pre-Wash, Wash + Rinse!

Bright red hair is easy to do with our Rock Lobster Semi-Permanent Hair Dye. In this red hair DIY tutorial, you’ll learn how to apply our semi-permanent dye at home in 30 minutes! To get Sam’s rocking look, watch the video below!

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