Rainbow Kit

The Rainbow Kit makes it easy to get creative — perfect for beginners or hair-experienced alike.
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The Facts

The Rainbow Hair Color Kit makes it easy to creative a signature look all your own. Try one at a time, mix and match, or even create a custom color.

Each of our 2oz Semi-Permanent Hair Dyes give you the perfect amount of product for money pieces, buzzcuts, bangs, dip-dyes, and everything in between!

Plus, our 2oz Lightening Kit ensures your strands are prepped and ready to try your new shade.

Dive into color and let your creativity explode.

Includes Streaks & Strands:

  • Lightening Kit
  • Blue Ruin
  • Ex-Girl
  • Glow On
  • Kowabunga
  • Rock Lobster

 Plus, Good Dye Young will be donating a portion of the Rainbow Hair Color Kit sales in June to the Tennessee Equality Project. 

Step 1: To create the best canvas for your color, we recommend lightening your hair using our GDY Lightening Kit. Semi-permanent dye shows up best on level 10 light blonde hair. 

Step 2: Squeeze your color into the GDY Biodegradable Tool Kit. Wear gloves to prevent staining hands! 

Step 3: Do a strand test before applying the color all over to ensure you love the look! 

Step 4: Divide your hair into 4 equal sections and apply dye directly onto dry hair. Make sure the color is fully saturated! 

Step 5: Let the color sit for at least 30 minutes. 

Step 6: Rinse with cool water, no shampoo or conditioner required! Style as desired, u hottie ;)

Allow at least 24 hours before your first shampoo. 

Rinse hair with cool water each time you wash to minimize fading process. 

Reduce hair washing days to extend color.


Good Dye Young cultivates a safe and inclusive community that values vibrant self-expression and creativity.

We also make bad a** hair products.



Free of a lot of
gross chemicals

Natural Sunflower

Made with love
in the USA or Canada