Mermaid Hair Tutorial

This hair is mermazing!

Show off your bubbly side with this under the sea look using Poser Paste in PPL Eater + Narwhal. Poser Paste, temporary hair makeup is the perfect product to get you Halloween ready. The best part is this product comes out in just one splash! To create this look, Jillian styled her hair with Amika’s High Tide Deep Waver, she then added in some texture spray for the perfect beachy wave. She followed with sectioning off small portions of her hair, then taking a dime size amount of product (add more as needed) and rubbing it into her hands. Scrunch through waves with hands, and switch off each color as you start a new section. Add in your favorite accessories and your ready to dive right in to Spooky season!



Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Begin with clean, dry hair. Use a waver (Jillian used Amika’s High Tide Deep Waver) to give hair beachy waves and then add a bit of texture spray to perfect your waves.
  2. Next, chose which parts of your hair you want to apply Poser Paste to and section off these portions of hair. We recommend working in small sections to ensure that your color looks the best!
  3. Start with a dime sized amount of Poser Paste, rub it between your hands, and then scrunch through your hair to maintain the shape of the waves and add a pop of color to your Halloween look! If you’re not getting the vibrancy you want, you can always add a bit more product to your hands and keep scrunching.
  4. If you lose your wave shape, you can always use your waver to re-style your hair after Poser Paste has set and dryed.
  5. To get a pretty blended look, don’t wipe your hands off between color changes.
  6. Pro Tip: easily remove Poser Paste from hands, skin, styling tools, etc. by wiping down with a makeup removing wipe!


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