Medusa Poser Paste Tutorial

Slither into Halloween with this chilling Medusa look using Poser Paste in Kowabunga!

Those who gaze upon you will turn to stone with one look at this super vibrant green hair. Poser Paste will be your staple item for your spookiest looks throughout October. This product is quick and easy to use, and washes right out with shampoo. Becca started her scaly look with a tousled style for added volume, she then pulled back her hair, tucking it behind her ear, then spraying it with hairspray for long lasting hold. Becca took a dime size amount of Poser Paste and applied it to the hair line to achieve a bold, streak. Add more as needed for extra pigmented color. She recommends hot glueing a bobby pin to each rubber snake to keep these sneaky reptiles in place. This venomous Halloween look is sure to be an eye catcher this spectacular season!

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