Introducing STRANDS. GDY’s New Lifestyle Blog

Heyyyyy friends!

Welcome to STRANDS. This is GDY’s newsletter and lifestyle blog! (Can’t believe we haven’t done this yet). We wanted to create a place for us to connect and be inspired. Not only with tips & tricks to help you along in your hair journey but to talk about what inspires us and gives us confidence. There’ll be hair (definitely lots of hair), music, art, wellness, beauty… anything you want to know about, it’ll be here.

STRANDS is about you. That’s why we have a place for you to tell us what you’re interested in reading about as well as submit your own entries (!!!). Every month we’ll choose a couple of our favorite submissions to spotlight. If you want a jumpstart, head to the Submissions Page to see some topics that we’re really interested in right now.

Lastly, Brian and I (Hayley) are leaving Nashville soon for tour! Paramore’s After Laughter Summer Tour is 2 months long (haven’t even started packing, help). We’ll be sending you inspirations from the road, behind the scenes looks at what it means to us to create looks for the stage and play with identity/presentation. Maybe even a pseudo-tutorial using some of our favorite cosmetic products (and GDY, heheh).

We’re so excited to start this chapter of our community using STRANDS as the catalyst for a whole lot more connection. Make sure to give us feedback in the comments – or hit us up on IG or Twitter.

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Written by Hayley Williams, Founder of Good Dye Young

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