Icy Blue Hair Tutorial With Atleeeey

Atleeeey conjured up something good to create this Icy Paste Look!

The spell consisted of a drop of Narwhal, a drop of Blue Ruin, and lots of Fader. Her hair was pre-lightened before application. We recommend using our new and improved Lightening Kit to create a ghostly canvas perfect for applying one of our glowing colors. Atleeeey then mixed up her potion, applied gloves, and sectioned off her hair. She painted on her GDY dye  in sections and let it make color magic to get her ideal shade before rinsing it out. Blow dry and style for the best witchy vibez. Our semi-permanent line has amazing pigment for long lasting color that will be bright and bold on the spookiest of broom flying nights!

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Atleeeey begins with a pre-lightened base of blond hair. Remember to make sure your hair is dry!
  2. Next, she mixes a tube of Fader up with a small bit of Blue Ruin and Narwhal. It’s always better to have more dye than not enough so make sure that the amount you’ve mixed up is more than enough to cover your whole head of hair.
  3. Cover your neck and shoulders with an old t-shirt or towel so the dye doesn’t stain your clothes. If you’re worried about the dye staining your skin, try applying a layer of coconut oil to your hairline, neck, and ears. This way, if you do end up with dye on the skin, you’ll be able to easily wipe it off.
  4. Section your hair off into manageable layers. You can either part your hair down the middle and then split these sections into front halves and back halves or you can start from the bottom and layer your hair from bottom to top. Alligator clips are going to be your best friend during this step.
  5. Once hair is sectioned how you desire, put on gloves and get to work!
  6. Begin applying dye to thin layers and small sections to ensure that you fully saturate your strands.
  7. Apply dye from the root down through the ends of your hair. To fully saturate hair, use your gloved hands to massage dye through hair and into scalp. You can also comb dye through small sections of hair to saturate even more!
  8. Let the dye set for at least 30 minutes. Then rinse with cool water until the water runs clear.
  9. Dry and style your hair as usual and rock your new color!

Pro Tips for Maintaining Color:

  • Wash hair as little as possible but when you do wash use cool or cold water and color-safe shampoo and conditioner!
  • Adding small drops of our Semi-Permanent color to your conditioner and letting the mixture sit for 10 or so minutes can help to keep your color vibrant and your hair nourished!
  • Use UV protecting products such as our PRIME to help protect your hair and vibrant color from harsh UV rays!

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