Paramore lead singer and Good Dye Young co-founder, Hayley Williams, released her first single, Simmer, from her solo project “Petals For Armor” on Wednesday 1.22.20. 

Hayley’s unique voice and influential music isn’t all she’s known for since Hayley has been rocking vibrant rainbow hair colors off and on from Paramore’s earliest days. Her love for self-expression is what led her to partner with longtime stylist and best-friend, Brian O’Connor, to launch the Good Dye Young brand.  

About Good Dye Young

Hayley and Brian have worked together for over a decade and see Good Dye Young as a color brand with a vision to create a community around self-expression and happiness in one’s self. The brand originally launched with six vibrant semi-permanent colors, created with quality and performance in mind and now includes semi-permanent hair dye, temporary hair makeup, and high-end hair care products.

Inspired by the freedom of today’s culture today to express yourself however you want, Good Dye Young asks what is more expressive, powerful and personal than hair? They’ve created products that are fast and fun, taking down the barrier of hair color and making it as easy as applying a new shade of lipstick.

GDY is an extension of Hayley and Brian’s shared passion to provide a brand that breaks down that wall of just being a company. Their goal was to create a community everyone can be a part of, empowered by tools that encourage freedom of self-expression.

Petals For Armor

Hayley has been teasing the new solo project since December. Complete with short, mysterious posts that cryptically hint at the new endeavor, Hayley has kept fans guessing until the past few days. 

Always an innovator, Hayley explained on Instagram, “30 was a very important year. 31 will be too. I’m putting out some music next year. With the help of some of my closest friends, I made something I’m going to call my own.” 

The Paramore community is already showing an outpouring of support and anticipation for Hayley’s album, with thousands of memes and commentary on social media. Longtime fans of Hayley’s are already excited to experience this new creative outlet and show their support.

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