Recreate Halsey’s Rainbow Hair!

Get Halsey’s Rainbow Roots

We love that the neon roots trend is SO hot right now — from Billie Eilish’s electric green hair to Halsey’s rainbow roots. It’s bold, loud and we are HERE for it! Everyone is talking about Halsey’s rainbow hair from the VMA red carpet, and so are we! We’ve always been a fan of neon colored roots. In fact, our Founder Hayley Williams has been rocking them for over a decade. We felt inspired to recreate this Halsey rainbow hair look with our own twist, by using our temporary hair makeup Poser Paste. The best part about rainbow roots is you can get as creative as you want! On a budget? Try doing this with just one or two colors, you can even ombre them together!

How to get rainbow roots

To start, you’ll want to slick down the hair pretty well, so the Poser Paste has a smooth surface to sit on. We suggest using gel or hairspray as a base. Next, tape off where you want the color to stop on your hair. Tape off from your forehead to the back of your head. Don’t worry, the tape will lift off pretty easily, as long as you use something that’s not super sticky like office tape. Once taped off, start with the color of your choice — we went with purple first. Start with a small dime sized amount on your finger and spread from your hairline down to the tape.

Make sure to completely cover past the tape to ensure you get a nice clean line. Add on more vibrancy if needed by layering more Poser Paste on top of the section. Then, repeat the process for each color of the rainbow. Slowly remove the tape, and use a makeup wipe to touch up any spots.

This look is perfect for a night out, special party or dare we say a red carpet event? So, we’ll patiently wait for our tickets to arrive in the mail. In the meantime, we’ll be living in this Halsey rainbow hair look!

Stay colorful, and dye happy. xx

GDY team


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