Half + Half Semi-Permanent Tutorial

Everyday is Halloween with this two-toned look!
Let’s keep spooky season going all year long, with hair as bright as the costumes you see on Halloween night. GDY’s semi-permanent dyes have incredible pigment for long lasting color. Our dyes can be mixed and matched to create your own signature look. Create a two-toned style, a pastel color with Fader, or darken a color with None More Black – the opportunities are endless! To achieve Stephanie’s look, start by using our brand new Lightening Kit (back in stock) to create the perfect blank canvas for applying vibrant color. Next you’ll need a comb for sectioning, two bowls for color, clips for sectioning, and a towel to protect your clothes. Don’t forget the gloves! You’ll then part your hair down the middle and clip off one side. Mix up your color and start applying on sections of hair starting on the bottom. Once you’re finished with one side clip it up and repeat process on the other side with your second color. Let the dye sit for 30 minutes then Rinse! It’s magic, you’ve conjured up a spell that will keep your favorite haunting holiday alive 365 days a year!

Products Used: Ex-Girl Semi-Permanent + Steal My Sunshine Semi-Permanent 



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