Green Hair DIY Tutorial with Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

Is it just us or is green semi-permanent hair dye having a major moment? Billie Eilish rocked her neon green roots at the Oscars this year and even earned a nod as one of the night’s best Hair and Makeup Looks. We couldn’t be more thrilled to see green get the attention it deserves for creative hair looks.

For too long green hair dye was underrated, used by only a few bold souls ready to stand out in a crowd. Thanks to a whole slew of new looks and influencers, more people are seeing the endless options available with green. Whether you want a full head of neon lime or just highlights of forest green, the possibilities are virtually endless.

The lighter your hair, the brighter your green color can be. Our Kowabunga is a positively radioactive shade of neon green to light up all your days and nights. If you are currently blonde, try piecing in some green streaks in the front for a whole new look. Have darker locks? You can rock a black forest shade or lighten your strands first with our lightening kit.

Our semi-permanent Kowabunga is great as a stand-alone color or it can be mixed with another vibrant color for a one-of-a kind shade. Try a combo of Steal My Sunshine and Kowabunga to achieve a shockingly bright look. Mesmerize with mermaid hair by blending Narwhal with it to mirror the colors of the sea.

Prefer something a bit more subtle? Mix our Kowabunga with Fader for a pastel green. Enjoy a sweet and minty look that’s as unique as you.

Get a high fashion look with green semi-permanent hair dye that’s red carpet worthy and will turn heads. The best part? Our semi-permanent dyes are free from harsh chemicals, and leave your hair soft, shiny and healthy!

Glowing green hair is just a step away with our Kowabunga Semi-Permanent Hair Dye. In this green DIY tutorial, you’ll learn how to apply our semi-permanent dye in just 50 minutes, less time for lighter hair! To get Asia’s bright green curls, watch now!


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