Galactic Green Poser Paste Tutorial

Moe escaped Area 51 to show off her out of this world style using Poser Paste in Kowabunga!

Glow green with an extraterrestrial look from a different dimension. Poser Paste will leaving you looking cosmic cool throughout spooky season. This product can be heat styled for your most futuristic looks. The best part is Poser Paste washes right out with shampoo so you can switch up your hair color for all of your stellar styles. Moe started her look by taking a dime size amount of Poser Paste and rubbing it through her hands. She coated her hair by applying the product in sections with her fingers, adding more as needed for a super vibrant look. Moe finished off her look with glitter for a glow that could be seen light years away. Get ready to blast off into space looking like the brightest star in the galaxy!


Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Begin with a dime sized amount of Poser Paste and rub it between your fingers.
  2. Work Poser Paste onto your hair in small sections using your coated fingers.
  3. Add more as you need it until you’ve achieved your desired vibrant shade.
  4. Finish off your look by applying glitter to your roots for a great cosmic glow!

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