Our dynamic duos help you MANEtain your bold color.

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Buy 2 Semi-Perms, get $5 off a Lightening Kit!

orange is the

From gorgeous copper tones to bright neon, we’ve got the orange hue for you.

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For your winter blues...

There’s nothing sad about our ultra-cool blue hues.

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The latest trend: purple

Coming to a feed near you. Look like royalty with bold, powerful purple.

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lightening kit

Our Hair Lightening Kit is exactly what you need to lighten hair to that perfect white canvas so it's ready to show off vibrant color.

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color kind

Our Color Kind Hair Care collection is formualted with hair health in mind! Maintain your color while nourising your hair from root to tip.

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What's in Hayley's Hair?

Recreate Hayley's look from Paramore's new music video.

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